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Hard Rock, Sand & Gravel Supplier Near Newport, WA

Newport Equipment – Premier Gravel Company in Newport, WA

Welcome to Newport Equipment, your trusted gravel company in Newport, WA. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality gravel, sand, and related services to meet all your construction and landscaping needs.

Our Core Services

At Newport Equipment, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

Gravel & Sand Delivery

Our gravel & sand delivery services are second to none. We ensure timely and efficient delivery of high-quality materials right to your project site.

Rock Products

We supply a variety of rock products suitable for all types of construction and landscaping projects. From decorative rocks to construction-grade stones, we have it all.

Site Preparation & Road Maintenance

Our expertise extends to site preparation & road maintenance. We ensure that your construction site is well-prepared and accessible for smooth operations.

Your Local Gravel and Sand Partner

Whether you’re looking for sand & gravel delivery services near me or need comprehensive solutions for a large-scale project, Newport Equipment is here to assist.

Our team of experts ensures that you receive the best materials and services, tailored to your specific requirements.

We understand the importance of having a reliable gravel & sand delivery partner nearby. That’s why we are committed to serving our community in and around me Newport, WA, with unparalleled dedication and professionalism.

Focused on Customer Satisfaction

At Newport Equipment, our focus extends beyond just providing high-quality materials. We are deeply committed to ensuring customer satisfaction at every step.

Our customer-centric approach ensures that every project we undertake meets the highest standards of excellence and efficiency.

Committed to Quality and Service

We take pride in being a gravel company that’s not just close to your project site but also close to your expectations in terms of service excellence.

Choose Newport Equipment for all your gravel, sand, and rock product needs. Contact us today, and let’s work together to make your project a success!


About Us

Newport Equipment

Newport Equipment is a Granite Rock Quarry Company. We sell and deliver several rock products, as well as site preparation and road maintenance. We have professionals who build roads and run equipment for property maintenance.
We have gravel, clean rock, and boulders for boulder placement, rock walls and landscaping. We take pride in the experience and professionalism of our crews.

Hard Rock Granite Gravel
Granite Rock Quarry Deliver

What We Offer

Road Building
Rock Projects


Price List

Does not include delivery – see Delivery Rates on the back page.
(Meets state specs for WA & ID)
Crushed Top Course 3/4” minus
$15.00 Per ton
Crushed Rock – 1 ¼” minus
$15.00 Per ton
Crushed Rock Base – 3” minus
$15.00 Per ton
Clean Crushed Rock – 1 – 3 1/2” (Not Washed) (Railroad Ballast) $18.00 Per ton
$18.00 Per ton
Screened Sand or Sandy Loam (Fill Dirt)
$15.00 Per ton
Gabion/Riprap Crushed Rock – 4” – 7”
$25.00 Per ton
Oversize shot rock/ Landscape Boulders / Large Rip-Rap (12” & up)
$23.00 Per ton
Delivery Rates
(Based on round trip miles from our quarry)
• 0-12 miles = $6.00 per ton
• 13-20 miles = $6.50 per ton
• 21-26 miles = $7.00 per ton
• 27-30 miles = $7.50 per ton
• 31-36 miles = $8.00 per ton
• 37-40 miles = $8.50 per ton
41 + miles = $125.00 per hour actual truck time

Sample Load Prices

(Based on 15-ton load of 3” minus, 1-1/4” minus & 3/4″minus)
Round Trip Distance
Delivery Rate Per Ton
Rock + Delivery
0-12 miles
$225.00 + $90.00 = $315.00 +TAX
13-20 miles
$225.00 + $97.50 = $322.50 +TAX
21-26 miles
$225.00 + $105.00 = $330.00 +TAX
27-30 miles
$225.00 + $112.50 = $337.50 +TAX
31-36 miles
31-36 Miles $8.00 $225.00 + $120.00 = $345.00 +TAX
37-40 miles
$225.00 + $127.50 = $325.50 +TAX

Equipment Pricing w/Operator

Equipment Name
Price Per Hour
85G Excavator
160 Excavator
300 Link Belt Excavator
460 Excavator
333G Skid Steer
Dump Truck and Trailer
*** Estimate from one of our professionals will be needed to schedule any equipment time and all equipment time will require one of our professionals as operator which is included in the price***

Providing Environmentally-friendly materials for erosion control:

We offer a wide range of riprap, boulders, gabion, quarry spalls, and crushed granite in various sizes. Rest assured, our team of dedicated equipment operators, with over 100 years of combined industry experience, is highly skilled in all aspects of quality road building and ecologically-sound excavation practices. Trust us to deliver the highest standards of service and products. Contact us today to receive your free estimate. You can reach us by phone or email.